Masters of Human-Computer Interaction Capstone

Exploring the future of the 'open bank' with Bank of America.

The MHCI Capstone Project is an 8-month project that gives students from the Masters of Human-Computer Interaction program at Carnegie Mellon University the opportunity to work with an industry client on a real world design problem. The goal of this project, sponsored by Bank of America, was to explore the idea of the open bank, where the Bank can share its resources and data with other companies to provide new value for its customers.

*Our final deliverable from this project was aquired by Bank of America. They own all of the rights to this project, so I am unable to share anything other than the general project overview.


Myself: User Experience Lead / Linda Xu: Visual Design Lead / Jaydev Ajit Kumar: Engineering Lead / Jimin Zheng: Project Manager / Landon Paik: Research Lead.


Industry Problem

The banking industry, like many, is seeing disruption come from many angles as technology and internet services advance. Once distinct lines between separate products and services have become blurred as companies begin to incorporate connectedness as part of their products’ value propositions. One domain that has eluded integration into the rising Internet of Things is finances.



We conducted extensive primary and secondary research to gain a solid understanding of the problem space. Over the course of three months, we invested over 40 hours in field research alone, speaking to 52 unique individuals from a variety of backgrounds across the United States. In total, we used nine research methods to identify pain points in the current banking process, as well as opportunities for the Bank to expand its services